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Human Sports Capper vs Prediction Machine??

Many are wondering what is better to follow, a human sports handicapper or a prediction machine like ZcodeSystem? During the short term results, the human sports capper can get into the hot lucky streak and show an amazing profit, following him is a long term road to failure.  Here is why:

1. Humans are the creatures of emotions. That means we all have such qualities as fear and greed

The machine has no emotions, no stress and no fear. No matter how much you won or lost yesterday, the machine sticks to the system to follow the winning formula while the emotions take over the human capper and he is trying to chase the losses, make more emotional bets and lose more and more.

2.Verified Performance

When you ask a human capper about his performance all you can hear is “great” and “hot”, “never had a losing season” or even “11-2 last week”. Where are the games you played? “Too hard to track”, “If you don’t trust us don’t buy”, “we only show old picks to people who bought a membership” or even “if you lose we give you a free extra week” (which means if you got crappy picks they give you more free crap)… that’s all they can say.

The machine has nothing to hide. By a click of a button, you receive all the games it played, all results and all details are at your finger.

3. Fake winning rate

“I have a 92% winning rate,” tells you the scammer capper showing you how many games he won. However, did he made any real cash during that time? No, because he was making bets on the strong favourites and the odds were too low to make any money long term. Though he won a lot of games he only lost money along the way. Ask him “Can you buy something with your winning rate in the shop?”. Always ask how many units or $$ he made of profit, don’t be fooled by the winning rate numbers.

4. No human can analyze the immense number of daily games, stats and news and stay on top of things for a long time.

What if the human capper is not sending you the picks on time?

The machine never sleeps, it is never tired or distracted by other activities. All it is doing is analyzing games real time 24/7. This is a robot and its only purpose is to win on sports investing.

5. Every human capper is a black box.

You have to trust him fully without any clue on what he is doing. You trust his “40 years of experience”. Why does he choose this game and not another? Why did he lose yesterday? What if he stops sending you picks tomorrow? You never know. You can never be sure.

The machine is fully trackable and easy to understand the system that chooses the winners and finds the value for the games. It is here today, it will be here tomorrow. It is working profitably for 11 years so what’s the chance it gets its 12th winning season? No one can guarantee the future but I would say chances are it gets its win again, the sport does not change.

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