Myths and Mistakes

Sports Betting Fix

Sports Betting Fix and Insider Information

Inside Information and Sports Betting Fix

The concept of “The Sports Betting Fix” is a widespread belief amongst amateur bettors to explain away improbable sports outcomes. Occasionally, accusations of a fix even make it into respected books and magazines. While there have been a few scandals over recent years involving point shaving and corrupted referees,
the fix has largely been eradicated from major professional sports. Dirty money no longer talks like it once did in team sports.

Sports Betting Fix

Sports Betting Fix Would Be Expensive

Over the last 15 years, the salaries of professional athletes have skyrocketed. Important players, who would need … Read the rest

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Sports investing

The “All or Nothing” Sports Investing Approach

Sports investing need to be seen as a company with long-term objectives.  A typical error amongst sports investors new to forecast services is the expectation of immediate gains. Short-term ” all or absolutely nothing” techniques cause lost earnings and aggressive errors. Chasing losses with poor money management is not a method to approach sports betting. Amateur bettors are destined to fail in any service with an all or nothing method.

If opening a restaurant, would you close down if the first couple of days didn’t bring revenues? Sports investing needs to be viewed with the exact same mindset as operating … Read the rest

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The Win Rate Myth

Should the success of sports prediction services be measured in “win rate” or profit? Can you go to the store and pay with a high “win rate”, or would you rather prefer the money?

In the end, long-term revenue is the only measure of quality in a sports prediction service. Win rate is one of the most irrelevant statistics in sports investing, frequently utilized by handicappers as a trap to lure brand-new accounts.

As you understand, many professional handicappers offer high win rates of approximately 99%, drawing beginner wagerers into their fraud. 99% accuracy for sports picks is a misconception, … Read the rest

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